Single Wash Packages

Mr. Suds Car Wash in Copiague offers Unlimited Plans so that you can
wash all month long under one low monthly price!


Works Full Service

per wash
$65.00Per MonthUNLIMITED
  • Includes V.I.P. Full Service Plus:
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Carnauba Wax

V.I.P. Full Service

per wash
$59.00Per MonthUNLIMITED
  • Includes Sud’s Full Service Plus:
  • Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant
  • Rubber Mats Cleaned
  • Tire Shine

Sud’s Full Service

per wash
$53.00Per MonthUNLIMITED
  • Includes Basic Full Service Plus:
  • Triple Foam Polish
  • Underbody Blast
  • Clear Coat Sealer

Basic Full Service

per wash
$48.00Per MonthUNLIMITED
  • Includes Basic Exterior Plus:
  • Vacuum Interior
  • Blow Out Interior
  • Windows Cleaned
  • Dash Wiped

V.I.P Exterior

per wash
$34.00Per MonthUNLIMITED
  • Tire Shine
  • Triple Foam
  • Wheels Cleaned
  • Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant
  • Underbody Blast
  • Towel Dry

Basic Exterior Wash

per wash
$24.00Per MonthUNLIMITED
  • Foam Bath
  • Towel Dry

Monthly Wash Packages

Express Detail Packages

Bay Shore Express Detail Packages

Express Detail

Per Wash
  • Includes the Works Full Service Plus:
  • Interior Dressing
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Shampoo Mats
  • Exterior Dressing
  • Rubber Mats Cleaned

Additional Services

Under-Body Blast
$200Tax Incl
Over-Sized Vehicles
$300Tax Incl
Shampoo Carpeted Mats (each mat)
$300Tax Incl
Triple Polish Foam Wax
$400Tax Incl
Rain-X Complete
$400Tax Incl
Tire Shine
$500Tax Incl
Exterior Dressing
$600Tax Incl
Body Gloss
$1000Tax Incl
**Interior Dressing
$1000Tax Incl
**Leather Conditioner
$1700Tax Incl
**Express Hand Wax
$3000Tax Incl

Early Bird Special

Full Service:
$24.86 + Tax $3.00 off

V.I.P. Treatment:
$29.46 + Tax $4.00 off

9:00am to 10:00am Monday through Thursday (Excluding Holidays)

Club Plan Program

Prepay for 8 of the same type of car wash and get 2 free!

(Get 20% discount per wash)

Gift Cards

A clean car is a gift that your loved ones will appreciate!

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Our Detailing Services

Copiague Detail Menu

Interior Detail

+ Tax
  • Full Service Hand Car Wash
  • Blow out of all vents, crevices, and dashboard gauges
  • All vinyl, plastic, and rubber deep cleaned and protected
  • Shampoo seats and carpets
  • Clean and shampoo rubber and carpeted floor mats
  • Leather seats cleaned and then conditioned for added protection
  • Complete vacuuming of interior and trunk
  • Shampoo & detail trunk, including the jambs
  • Clean and polish all glass inside and out
  • Tire shine applied

Exterior Detail

+ Tax
  • Full Service Hand Car Wash
  • Tar and grease removal
  • Clay exterior painted surfaces of vehicle to remove embedded dirt, stains, overspray, tree sap, and water spots
  • Minor scratch removal (compounding)
  • Paint shine rejuvenation (polish painted surfaces)
  • Hard paste wax applied and buffed by hand
  • All bumpers, chrome, wheel wells, and plastic moldings are cleaned and protected
  • Rims are thoroughly cleaned and polished
  • Tire shine

Complete Detail

+ Tax
  • Combination of both the Interior and Exterior Detail Packages- $100 SAVINGS!

Directions to Copiague

Mr. Suds FLEX Car Wash

Address: 1191 Sunrise Highway, Copiague, NY 11726


Phone: (631) 841-6678

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday 9:00am to 6:00pm
Friday & Saturday 8:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Weather permitting